Tue, 21 Sep 1999 00:15:34 -0400

Matson, Robert wrote:
> Hi Jay,
> > The info with the photo says 40 minute exposure by Conrad Pope.
> > Taken last March 7 from Kelly, North Carolina. 4 moving w -e.
> > 2 moving in N-S orbits.
> Is that March 7th local date or UT date (i.e. March 6th local)?
> (I assume "last March" means 1999).  I have found satellites
> for both nights, but cannont find 4 going W-E for either night.
> Most are going north-south.  I wonder how wide the FOV of the
> photo is?  --Rob

The only other info with the photo is: Field 2 1/4 deg. wide,
centered at 5h 35.2min, -5 deg 25 min.  

If there's interest, I'll try to scan the picture over the weekend.
I can also contact Sky & Telescope to see if they have more info.

Jay Respler
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