Re: your response to the off-topic posts

From: Joerg Kampmann (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 15:57:18 EDT

very nausty - indeed

Michael McCants schrieb:
> >does this never end ??
> It does not end as long as someone continues to respond.
> When he posts completely ridiculous statements, someone
> is likely to respond.
> >I think chris's merit is to have mentioned a problem we might (sic!)
> >have observing satellites and other celestial bodies. It could be of
> >relevance to one group and of none to another.
> Bad logic.  He has continued to pound on a problem that we obviously
> do NOT have.  Since you don't know whether or not we have this
> problem, you cannot make an informed comment on its merit or lack thereof.
> >Thus, I would suggest to calm down and accept Chris's point
> Does this amount to giving in to an illogical bully?
> >de acuerdo ?
> I do not recognize these words.
> "Nasty" McCants

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