Decay Alert Cosmos 756 RB

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 14:46:22 EDT

Report time 18:00 UTC

1975-076B (#08128) Cosmos 756 RB

SPACCOM'S  ONE DAY BEFORE DECAY message - prepared September 05, 10:41 UTC -
shows the decay on     06 September, 11:05 UTC +/- 15 hours (28.8S, 257.8E)
on a northbound pass over the Pacific.

MPM + REENTRY delivers with the ELSETs  01248.246... - 01248.552... the decay
                       06 September, 10:33 UTC +/- 30 minutes (15.71S, 93.46E)
on a descending pass over the Indian Ocean.

There are two interesting sunlit passes over the USA + Canada around the decay 

09:54 UTC (39.50N, 72.88W)  -  09:59 UTC (55.40N, 66.33W, North Labrador) 
There is a good visibility (EL about 34)  from the New York area around 
09:55 UTC.

If the RB survive also the SPACECOM time mark the final trajectory will be
crossed over the USA and Canada from Texas to the Hudson Bay:
11:19 UTC (29.06N, 96.65E)  -  11:26 UTC (57.15N, 89.15E)

Paul: On 11:19 UTC is a good viewing opportunity for the Houston area if the
RB survive....

Berlin, Germany

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