RE: OT: Terror Attack

From: Penny Fischer-Otte (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 18:25:51 EDT

We live in a suburb of NYC ~50 miles south, many people we know work there or live there;
and we know some people who escaped today from the buildings as well as eye witnesses to
the plane crashes.

It is very eerie with no air traffic AT ALL, something I have never seen in my whole life.

Being only about 15 miles from the coast, we  are still on high alert!  My husband works a
stone's throw away from the twin towers but luckily he was off work today.

If you were here you would realize that seeing conditions are excellent today, a perfect
day for flying into buildings with unlimited ceiling and no clouds :(

I pray that the rest of the world stands behind us, as we would them.

Penny Otte and family
Central NJ

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> I'm sure everybody on the list shares the same sense of utter shock, disgust
> and dismay at the terrible loss of life in the US and our sympathies go out
> to the families of the injured and dead.
> As far as a response goes..I expect  retasking of LACROSSE/ONYX and
> KEYHOLE/IMPROVED CRYSTAL  assets and would not be surprised if, once targets
> have been identified, there is a nuclear response.
> pj
> Sheffield
> UK
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