Midas 9

From: Floyd Weaver (floyd@floydweaver.com)
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 00:59:30 EDT

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    Good Evening Folks,
    	A few nights ago (9-16 UTC) I had an interesting sat ob. I saw  what I
    figured to be Midas 9. I first noted this sat just to the east of the north
    star at 1:10 and followed it up to near zenith at 1:15 UTC. It was going
    through a cycle of maybe a minute duration. I did not time it other than
    mentally, so I do not have an accurate time, but after one flare it then
    gave a double flare about a quarter of a minute later.
    	During 1998 I saw Midas 7. These are unusually high sats (over 2,000 miles)
    to see 1 power. Noting how old these sats are I do not think they are
    working, but are rather tumbling dead sats. Is it common to see the Midas
    sats or is it just a chance when you see one? Or maybe no one has went after
    these birds. I guess I am wondering if they can be seen as reliably as some
    of the tumbling Iridiums.
    Floyd Weaver
    Lebanon PA USA
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