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Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 04:03:25 EDT

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    This came from the FPSPACE list.
    Hugh probably means this tle:
    1 90012U          02241.91170978 0.00001900  00000-0  24605-2 0    05
    2 90012  28.2935 137.0946 7252000 297.2301  62.7629  2.26960260    08
    Does anyone have more information ?
    >Gud'day folks!
    >I've had a request for some info on a satellite forwarded to me from a user 
    >of SpaceBase's news service and having exhausted my own resources, thought 
    >that someone in here might be able to help me help this chap out, please.
    >He is trying to find infor for a satellite listed in the "tle's" as 90012U.  
    >He said he believed it was an UnClassified bird and was curious about
    >what it was as it was in the TLE's with no name.
    >Any help will be great fully appreciated.
    >Warmest Regards! Hugh S. Gregory
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