SEP 22 Vandenberg AFB Dusk Launch

From: Brian Webb (
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 23:55:03 EDT

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    Hi All:
    See-Sat members in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico might find this
    of interest
    Brian Webb, KD6NRP
    The first Vandenberg AFB dusk launch in nearly three years is slated
    for Thursday, September 22. The Minotaur booster is scheduled to lift-
    off from south Vandenberg at 19:24 PDT (02:24 UTC), the start of a
    16-minute launch window.
    Several minutes later, the rocket will place the Streak satellite into
    orbit for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
    As seen from Santa Barbara, California, lift-off occurs 29 minutes
    after sunset. The Minotaur is expected to climb into sunlight during
    the second stage burn at about T+78 seconds. The exhaust plume will be
    illuminated by the sun and may create a nice display visible across a
    large part of the Southwest and western Mexico.
    The launch may be visible until nearly T+13 minutes. For information
    on launch viewing and photography, refer to:
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