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Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 05:42:51 EDT

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    I agree, although MetOp-A alternates between normal and negative drag in a 
    sawtooth pattern.
    This drag/slow orbit correction is so small that it takes about four weeks 
    for a +drag elset to be 21 sec late wrt the previous -drag one.
    But the cycle is about 2.3 days up, 2.3 days down, so compared to reality 
    the +drag elset must be >6 weeks old to show this discrepancy.
    No sudden MM jump has occurred in the last two weeks.
    So if you verified that H-A used a 04 Sep elset, with MM=14.2149..., I 
    suggest your timing was off, or you saw a "red herring" (different object)
    06-44A 29499 METOP-A should have passed 3' ABOVE 11 Per 19:38:49
    81-65B 12586 SL-3 R/B 16' below 11 Per (HP061292) 19:39:09
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      From my place, 2006-044 A MetOp-A passed, on september 4th,  0°2 below the 
    star 11 Per at 19h39m08s UT, that is 21 seconds later than expected from the 
    Heavens-Above charts (for epoch 4sep).
      Rather an unusally large time delay.
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