Re: Decay of 25647

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 09:26:11 EDT

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    Everything pointed to this pass (1301 UTC) being on the final orbit or near 
    enough to it.
    Murphy's law intervened in the form of valley fog (unfortunately a hazard of 
    living in this particular location because of the topography- it can be nice 
    here too though!) in the direction of interest with some stars still visible 
    overhead.  I was on standby well ahead of time until after predicted loss, 
    nothing seen at all.
    Will have to wait for news reports to know whether anything interesting 
    happened round here though indications are that actual decay may be in the 
    Northern Hemisphere.
    Re my comment about Calsky, in my tiredness I think I may have checked an 
    incorrect option, apologies to Arnold.
    At least I can now return to sleep without the adrenalin rush that would 
    have occurred from having observed a decay and the prospect of press 
    New Zealand
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    > Calsky no longer predicts this pass, however feeding the latest elsets 
    > into Orbitron it indicates that this pass is still expected, and that the 
    > altitude is such that it is definitely a pass of interest.
    > Taking Calsky's latest predicted decay time (subsequent to that of the 
    > above pass) and that of Space-Track together with the above pass 
    > prediction it is definitely something I will be missing a little sleep to 
    > check on.   Because of the timing my report will of necessity be brief 
    > whether I see anything or not, and if anything is observed further details 
    > will follow about 5 hours later.
    > Robert
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