Sputnik 1

From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 03:46:06 EDT

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    Following the discussion with interest. I still vividly remembering seeing what must have 
    been the rocket shortly after sunset- the stars were not yet visible (at least I dont 
    recall any!) and it was really spectacular- if memory 100% it was moving southwards and 
    maximum elevation was almost overhead and I would put the magnitude as very bright - 
    certainly brighter than mag +1.
    The predictions were supplied by Dr.Finsen of the then Union Observatory, later to be the 
    Republic Observatory where I
    eventually worked 1967-1974 - I even saw his graphical model made to predict passes as 
    satellite predicting in those days was a real black mysterious art.
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