Re: Directv 6 is flashing, bright flashes observed

From: ComHem (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 03:39:09 EDT

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    Kevin, your observations of faint flashes are practically useless for 
    rotation/flash predictions, since every rotating object (except spheres) 
    flash now and then..
    Only particularly bright flashes, presumably specular and
    from parallell solar panels, are easily used, like this one.
    But the observation report must contain date,RA,Decl. (or date,time)!
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    > Another one to add to my list.
    > Directv 6 ( 24748 ) is flashing, some flashes where under 2 minutes apart.
    > Some flashes looked to be, naked eye range.
    > Video of cool looking bright flash later.
    > Kevin
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