Re: COSMOS 2429 launched today

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 14:05:10 EDT

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    On 9/12/07, Bram Dorreman <> wrote:
    > 2007/9/12, George Olshevsky <> wrote:
    > > So far it looks as if the B object is the payload and the A object is
    > > the upper stage.
    > This is also my presumption, because I could not find a fainter object in front
    > of the rocket. Moreover the payload is most of the times behind the rocket,
    > short after launch. I regret I did not look behind the rocket.
    They have indeed switched TLEs; check out the latest ones on SatCat.
    What was A is now B and what was B is now A (the payload).
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