Re: orbital data available for Worldview 1 and CBERS-2B

From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2007 - 20:28:52 EDT

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    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >>Take a look at the data for the Worldview one rocket, 
    >>something seems wrong for it
    >>And here I thought the rocket would have the same
    >>inclination as the sat
    You are right. Look at the historical TLEs. The inclination for the B object jumped from 97.5 to 112.3 between 07261.946 and 07262.017.
    Also, an older TLE for the A object showed its inclination was 112.3 at 07261.879, but jumped to 97.5 by 07262.025.
    Not only does something seem odd, but it also looks like they may have had them reversed at one time.
      Ralph McConahy
      38.3306N, 75.6970W, -25m (WGS84)
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