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Date: Wed Sep 19 2007 - 21:28:55 EDT

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    George Olshevsky wrote:
    > Missing entries for the Japanese lunar launch (which I guess would be
    > 2007-039), the Foton-M launch (2007-040--but TLEs are available),
    > Worldview 1 (2007-041?), and CBERS-02B (2007-042?).
    I found these helpful bits yesterday. First is the general announcement
    page for the mission, which holds the "News Flash" content:
    An index to the older flashes:
    Some German observers have a brief discussion going:
    One author cites this location:
    There is a timeline laid out there. 3 October is when the LOI burn
    happens. There are a few new events coming up in the next few days, and
    the vehicle's perigee should still be within range of optical tracking
    (1039km), but the period is 9d23h31m. There is probably only one pass
    before the LOI burn puts it into selenocentric orbit.
    This document gives some details of the orbit, and is from the 19th:

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