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From: Grater, Larry (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 18:41:31 EDT

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    Thanks for posting the link to the article on the ASAT program.  A few
    engineers here at Lockheed in Dallas (formally LTV) look back on this
    development program as a career milestone and a demonstration of what
    can be achieved with vision and a bunch of hard work from industry and
    Maj Gen. Pearson commented, "Last Thursday brought back some great
    memories of a special time.  I really enjoyed the day at Homestead.  We
    actually had a picture of my son sitting in 76-084 at age 10, so it was
    really special for him to fly it 22 years later with his name on it."
    A quick story.  The flyout during captive carry testing was long and
    must have been fairly boring.  Telemetry data indicated that the roll
    attitude of the missile had a couple of excursions from 0-360 degrees on
    several occasions.
    Best Regards,
    Larry D. Grater
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