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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2007 - 04:23:26 EDT

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    Thank you very much to Brad and to Scott and at least 
    one other observer who wrote to me privately (but was 
    clouded out).  The clouds held off here, and I did 
    manage to see it.  The following position may be 
    2:00:59.0  21:10 +10.4 (2000)
    BCRC site:  30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.
    At first it was surprisingly higher in the sky than 
    three nights ago, so much so that I wondered if it 
    was the right object.  Also it seemed to be varying, 
    which I had not noticed before.  But I didn't get 
    any matches from Findsat.
    With Brad's observations, I expect that the orbital
    data will be much improved.
    By the way, this is a GTO object, and previous 
    experiences with 90019 (now decayed) and 90040 have 
    shown that their orbits can be tricky to pin down,
    especially using my observations....
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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