From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 22:15:09 EDT

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    >Greg Williams wrote:
    >I was watching the pass of the Cosmos 1980 rocket over 
    >Knoxville, when in my binocular's field of view a sat 
    >going the opposite direction passed relatively close 
    >to the Cosmos rocket just to the west.
    >The closest approach between the two occurred right 
    >about 21:12 to 21:12:30 Eastern time.
    >Observer's Location: Knoxville ( 35.9676°N, 84.0251°W)
    >It travelled from North to South...
    TRACE (25280, 98-20A) seems to be the best fit for your UNID.
      Ralph McConahy
      38.3306N, 75.6970W, -25m (WGS84)
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