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    I made a new sheet with the Excel plot I suggested.
    Since names with spaces are not easily copied/clicked,
    I renamed it to
    (Note still underscore in b_gimle !)
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    >I also have tables, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet
    > which can easily be graphed.
    > Even more handy is that the table can be directly pasted into
    > SkyMap's DEEPSKY.TXT file. The data in the sheet
    > show the outline of the Earth's shadow, and the
    > 'anti-solar' point from where most bright geoflares
    > appear to come. Thus you can also get predictions
    > for your favourite sats in the same graph.
    > So, look at the point closest to the anti-solar point,
    > but outside the shadow circle.
    > The file is now on
    > of Earth umbra.xls
    > You enter obvious(?) values in the yellow fields, and get RA/Dec for the
    > shadow edges in the green fields.
    > C11 and D11 is the RA and decl of the point opposite Sun, but same decl,
    > where n equator-pointing panel is most likely to flare.
    > C12:D15 show the right/top/left/bottom edge of the shadow,
    > the rest are scattered according to B10 along the circle (ellipse)
    > Let me know if you want a better description !
    > /Björn
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    >>     The last couple of years I provided star charts;
    >> this year it is tables! These tables will tell an
    >> observer, based on their latitude and date where and
    >> when to look in the night sky to maximize their chance
    >> of seeing a flaring geosat.
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