Unknown tumbler - No FOTON

From: Greg Williams (k4hsm@knology.net)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 21:02:12 EDT

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    Looked for FOTON and the tether, without any success.  Clear skies, 
    using Heavens Above for predictions.
    About 10 minutes prior, I spotted a tumbler.  At first I thought it was 
    an airplane until I paid attention.  Very bright, rotating very fast.  
    about 60rpm.  Travelling West -> East, about 80 degrees altitude over my 
    location in Knoxville ( 35.9676N, 84.0251W)  The time was 8:39 to 8:43 
    Eastern.  I'm guessing altitude of 500-700 km as it was not speeding 
    Also saw Cosmos 1980 again.  It must like me.  2nd time in 3 days.
    Gregory S. Williams
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