From: Rodney Austin (rodcomet@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 21:37:18 EDT

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    Hi All,
             I got a message in another group re an unidentified object in
    the immediate vicinity of NGC 896, RA 2:24 Dec +62 (1975.0 ,sorry it
    is an old catalogue) on Sept 7, 23h 29m 46 to 23:31:46 UTC with a
    flash rate of once every 6 seconds. The observer has a latitude of ~52
    N and longitude ~1 W. It was moving at a rate of ~ 8.5 arcminutes
    /minute. The direction wasn't specifically noted.
    The observer may contact this group, but I'm curious myself about the
    ID, despite it being 20 degrees over my northern horizon.;:-}))
    Rod Austin
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