Question on Discovery shuttle's "tail"

From: Bob King (
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 01:54:30 UTC

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    Hi everyone,
    I've been a member of this list a long time and have heard mention
    over the years of water dumps from the space shuttle. I just finished
    watching the double flyby of Discovery and the ISS under a partly
    cloudy sky at 1:38 UT. While the station looked like a brilliant star
    that faded and brightened as it went through clouds, Discovery had a
    faint, curved, tail-like appendage that extended about a degree (maybe
    1.5 degrees at most) to the southwest. It remained visible throughout
    the pass. Was this a water dump or ...? If it was, it's my first
    sighting of such. Thanks for your help.
    Duluth, Minn. USA
    PS. Did anyone else see this tonight?
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