SATOBS Sept 18 8597

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 06:05:12 UTC

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    A single observation of NOSS 3-4 C in IOD format and a query.
    31703 07 027C   8597 F 20090918092910400 27 25 2146300-161100 48 S+060 05
    Missed getting a position on 07 27A because it had passes the point
    in Capricornus where i had decided to take a fix.
    Had a prediction for Noss 2-3 (1996 29D)C &E  in same part of sky 
    only a couple of minutes
    later, which I had decided to not try because of time constraints. The D
    component prediction was some 10 minutes after the C & E components.
    On checking i found this was true even for the epoch of the elements
    on day 249 ( September 6 ). Has anybody else noticed this or is it an
    artifact due to an error in the TLE?
    Tony Beresford
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