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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2012 - 06:33:19 UTC

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    Good morning
    Late last night ( mine) I got an email from Spacetrack - as Im sure all 
    contributors to the SeeSat discussion got - about this new category and tried 
    it.   Probably I did not do something exactly correct and initially could not 
    find the file that I had downloaded.  It was obvious something had happened but 
    where had it gone?
    After some hunting I found it and it was about 11 Mbytes in size. Examination of 
    the file shows its full of data with the elements given in two formats and 
    apparently as one enormous long string.  As it stands its not much use so a 
    program will have to be written to extract the data required by looking for and 
    retaining every occurance of data for TLE_LINE1 and TLE_LINE2 for each 
    satellite.  I believe I can write such a program with my limited knowledge of 
    programing but I am interested to know if any other users of this new category 
    have the same problem of file location and a long string  or are my "problems" 
    caused by something I did wrong ? (most probably)
    For example the location of my file was found in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Greg\local 
    (probably typed that with an error or two but not that important as others will 
    probably have something different)
    so it stored it in the cache apparently. Im quite happy to write a program for 
    myself to extract the required data but Im sure the more proficient programmers 
    could do it a lot simpler than I could do and a much better job. (Hint Simone ? 
    I am  using Windows XP/Firefox . Once Ive had my breakfast I will look at the 
    file and see if there are any carriage returns and line feeds
    that will make extraction easier.
    I would appreciate it very much if any others who have tried this had an 
    experience different to mine. It looks like it contains what we need- so I 
    appreciate what Spacetrack is doing and welcome the addition of the three line 
    format in due course -- again one could add the satellite identification (common 
    name etc) with software to the current system but Im sure it would be better if 
    it was done at SpaceTrack.
    I anticipate only downloading the file once every few days.
    Now to go and wake my wife up and tell her its breakfast time...
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