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Date: Sat Sep 01 2012 - 11:23:23 UTC

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    I've created a new version of my downloader using the new API. 
    Now I think this version is able to download the data we need 
    minimizing the traffic as well, however, I provide this new 
    release in a test mode that is programmed to work only 
    for 5 days.
    The new program downloads the latest element of each object 
    using the new class (tle_latest) and, to further limit the generated 
    traffic, it requests only the new element since your last visit.
    This new version can also download the catalog in 3 line format 
    (I use a first query that retrieves the satellite names). To minimize 
    traffic, the program retrieves the list only once a day.
    Each catalog is automatically renamed with the current date and
    archived in the Archive folder .
    I think this version can be used to download and keep up-to-date 
    the catalog minimizing both the database queries and traffic.
    If it is so, I will release the final version (maybe with other features) 
    after the test period.
    The new program can be downloaded from:
    Best regards,
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