A beginners first impressions of Satflare.com

From: joseph daniel (station969@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2012 - 04:14:32 UTC

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     Hi :
     Finally got some rain and installed Google Chrome and found a website that instructed in
    simple detail how to activate the HTML5's OpenGL engine so that I could try out Satflare's
    online sat tracker .   http://tinyurl.com/26orlg7  (turns out my Opera 11.60 has the WebGL
    but it was also not activated by default) .  
     Wow ! This is exactly what I've been hoping for . So simple to use it's wild .
     For example , saw a flare , back home in Satflare I easily set the clock for that recorded
    time , dbl clicked in the exact part of the sky I noted , set the search radius for 3 degrees
    and BINGO !
     Satflare gave me 2 choices ... one that was really moving quickly and the other one , which
    didn't even appear to be moving , which is exactly what the flare I saw was behaving like .
     Perfect . Can't imagine it being any simpler , plus it was a classified that Heavens
    Above said simply was not there that evening (but the evenings before and also after) .
     It also has the option of exporting a link to send someone so that they can visually see
    the results of a possible sighting hit .   http://tinyurl.com/c7bu62l  (I think you must beregistered to be able to click on an exported link to view it) .
     I'm guessing that maybe there are other apps with more bells&whistles perhaps but for me
    this seems to do the job , and Chrome is also very fast and simple .
    Cheers Simone ,FPAS to follow ,
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