Study on Air Force SSA/sharing data with Private Operators

Date: Thu Sep 06 2012 - 17:42:51 UTC

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    Readers of this site should also be aware of the just-issued [today] report in terms of SSA, data-sharing
    Continuing Kepler's Quest: Assessing Air Force Space Command's Astrodynamics Standards
    [National Research Council]
    Assesses the astrodynamic standards established by Air Force Space Command and their effectiveness in meeting mission performance needs, as well as possible alternatives. 
    To see entire study, go to: 

    Leonard David
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    Subject: Air Force is Evaluating How Much Data to Share with Private Operators
    "The U.S. Air Force is in the midst of assessing how much data to  
    share with the private sector to enhance space situational awareness  
    (SSA) without jeopardizing national security, said Gen. Jay Santee,  
    principal director, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of  
    Defense (Space Policy)."
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