Any Idea Which Of These Objects I May Have Seen ?

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2012 - 03:09:15 UTC

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     The Iridium I unsuccessfully planned my evening around was exactly behind a
    big cumulus cloud ... icing on the cake . Then , walking up the hill I just
    happened to see a flash of around +0.5/-0.5 mag . I could also have just
    managed to catch the very end of a flare also since I just happened to look
    up and then it was gone .
     Noted the time but no stars nearby as it was 30 minutes after sunset , so
    just drew a line between Altair & Arcturus and then dropped down 10 degrees
    or so toward the horizon .
     In Satflare , choose a 15 degree radius search (to be extra safe) and it
    returns 6 objects which I list below .
    COSMOS 1651            NORAD  15698
    COSMOS 1778            NORAD  16961
    SL-16 DEB                     NORAD  23707
    SL-12 R/B(2)              NORAD  25465
    SL-12 R/B(2)              NORAD  36118
    unknown 060616       NORAD  90061
    Sept 07 2012  00:20:30 UTC
    43.20543  -79.26001  95M Elev
    Azimuth 217      Elevation 54
    Mag 0  Brief flash lasting 1 to 2 seconds
     So , could anyone perhaps add their experience to the mystery and suggest
    which object might have been most probable to flare/flash , or are all 6
    possible equal candidates ?
    Thanks in advance,
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