Re: Any Idea Which Of These Objects I May Have Seen ?

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2012 - 02:00:31 UTC

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    Hi George :
      Thanks for your reply and your help . I will indeed use the archive search from now on , and
    then perhaps ask the list for help if still required to help narrow it down .
     I went back out after dark tonight to revisit that area where the dusk flash was spotted so that I
    could pick some nearby stars but it was to overcast . I want to narrow the 15 degree search radius
    down as much as possible and then hopefully eliminate some of these sats .
     Also , I'll check out the unknown NORADs conflict to see if that can be clarified too . I'll mail or
    post what my final results may be .
    Cheers & thanks again for checking out those sats for me , 
    much appreciated ,
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