More than 2000 PPAS converted and available in the DB

Date: Sun Sep 09 2012 - 20:00:52 UTC

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    Many PPAS and PNAS reports have been issued in all these years
    by different observers. However, searching for reports related to a 
    specific satellite or event is not always straight forward.In addition, the observer's coordinates and the orbital parameters have to be gathered from somewhere before analyzing the event.
    For these reasons I decided to convert (when possible) PPAS and NPAS reports into the FPAS format adding the missing information. 
    So far I converted more than 2000 reports starting from January 2010
    and storing the results in the DB so that it is possible to easily search reports by satellite name, norad, type of event, magnitude and so on...
    All events can be also analyzed in the online tracker simply by clicking on the report or analyzed with the 3D desktop program typing the report ID.(excluding classfd which are without TLE).
    The full list of FPAS reports is available at this link:
    As an example, if you want to find all the reports related to the TANDEM X satellite, simply open:
    Please note that the original PPAS is not dropped but it is embedded in the FPAS along with its source link.
    (when I defined the FPAS format I had already in mind the ideato convert PPAS reports so I created the auxiliary field for this aim)
    Best regard,Simone 
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