Re: Any Idea Which Of These Objects I May Have Seen ?

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2012 - 04:35:11 UTC

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    Hi George & List :
     Well , long story (see the recent thread Re: Complicated Question about 
    sky geometry) but finally got back out after skies cleared , found the
    nearest group of stars , then back into SatFlare with a much smaller
    search radius and SF spit out only 2 sats (previously mentioned) -
    COSMOS 1651  NORAD  15698 
    COSMOS 1778  NORAD  16961
     You initially suggested C 1651 as the most likely and it certainly does
    appear to be the correct choice . C 1778 was on a very similiar track
    but passed C 1651's position around 11 minutes earlier , which I think
    put it too far away (higher in elevation by 7 degrees) from the sector
    I narrowed it down to .
     Also should mention that Satflare had unknown 060616 (NORAD  90061)
    listed as "Int. Desc. = 06667A" which I believe means it's initial
    description (or similar) was 06667A , so I hope that clears up the
    confusion on that object .
     I should also mention that Heavens Above did not show C 1651 as passing
    over that evening and in fact has no listing of it in it's sat database
    for some reason , unless I'm mistaken , but I tried to find it there and
    had no luck at all .
    Cheers & thanks to you and Bjorn for your help in narrowing this down so
    that an FPAS can be reported for this event .  
    PS : Early morning & Venus/Moon/Jupiter lined up perfectly , and 2
    mornings in row , thanks to the moon rising and drifting on that
    same line between Venus & Jup . Pretty cool & must be fairly rare .
    >COSMOS 1651            NORAD  15698 flashes to mag 3
    >COSMOS 1778            NORAD  16961 flashes to mag 9
    >SL-16 DEB                     NORAD  23707 nothing
    >SL-12 R/B(2)              NORAD  25465 mag 7.5
    >SL-12 R/B(2)              NORAD  36118 mag 8
    >unknown 060616       NORAD  90061 no flashes
    > Great - you know how to use satflare now.  Next tool up: seesat archives. 
    > Search for the norad numbers above at the bottom of this page:
    > If there are lots of results, then add "ppas" or "flash" to the search to 
    > limit results.
    > The first 1 above looks most likely.  Lots of discussion of this one 
    > "flashing".  Once to mag 3 and a few times to mag 4.  The 3rd item has never 
    > been reported seen on this list.  It's probably tiny.  The next two have 
    > been observed but I don't see as many observations as the first 2 and some 
    > random obs of each was mag 7.5 and mag 8.
    > The last item comes up alot but I'm not sure if it's the same object as 
    > mentioned in seesat.  In seesat it also has the name 06667A wheras you seem 
    > to have 060616.  So I'm thinking these are different objects maybe?  Or I'm 
    > just clueless.
    > - George Roberts
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