RE: NROL-36 search elements

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 18:20:37 UTC

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    Bram Dorreman wrote:
    > In
    > Ted Molczan provides our forum with search TLE for the expected NOSS-launch.
    > Without looking at the TLE itself I started predicting and was
    > surprised that for my location the new NOSS will have its transit
    > about 1 minute before the the NOSS 3-3 duo (we say duo, may be English
    > is duet, like trio and triplet?) and at about the same part of the
    > sky.
    > This looks as if the new NOSS-payloads will replace the
    > before-mentioned two NOSS-satellites. Without any background study I
    > should expect a replacement for the oldest NOSS-duet/duo, which does
    > not fly in formation since a couple of months.
    The NOSS 3-3 plane is far from that of L-36, so it is not the target of this launch.
    The NOSS constellation design could be an interesting subject for study. 
    Ted Molczan
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