Re: USA 238 (NOSS 3-6), USA 237 (ALR) - obs.

Date: Wed Sep 19 2012 - 16:30:28 UTC

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    Hi Alexander,
    I observed geostationary USA 237 the same night as you, on 16 sept 2012, UTC 18h45 to 18h50.
    I took (8-sec duration) 19 photos, all showing USA 237 much brighter than 6 nearby geostationaries :
    2003-53 A Yamal 202 
    2012-16 A Yahsat 1B 
    2005-41 B Syracuse 3A 
    1996-35 A Intelsat 709 
    1999-05 A Telstar 6 
    1997-53 A NSS 5 Intelsat
    USA 237 was flaring-like and steady in brightness.
    It was a little off from the position indicated by Calsky.
    On my photos there was also the slowly moving satellite
    1995-49B Telstar 402 RRk.        
    Alain Figer
    44.57°N  6.68°E  1850m a.s.l. (southern Alps)
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    Sujet : USA 238 (NOSS 3-6), USA 237 (ALR) - obs.
     Hi all!
    Morning of September 17 at 02:12 UTC I saw USA 238. The passes has been
    good for my location. Unfortunately accurate observations of these
    satellites has not been done. I can say that the satellites are well
    observed, the brightness was roughly about 4m. ATLAS CENTAUR R/B I have
    not seen. I also saw USA 237 hours of 17 September, 02:05 UTC with a small
    telescope with a magnification of 30x. I saw this satellite difficult
    because its brightness was roughly about 9m.
    Regards, Alexander Repnoy, Alexandria (Ukraine), 48.6657N 33.1137E 101m.
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