Re: ST OBS Sept 19, 2012: w/ UNIDs

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Date: Fri Sep 21 2012 - 00:52:47 UTC

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      I D/L'd it . 3.6 MBs. but it didn't play in my browser (Chrome) so I saved it to
    disk and tried various other image programs . Googled 'animated PNG' (which I had
    never heard of before) . Wiki says it is supported by Chrome & Xnview but I had no
    luck .
     Downloaded the latest version of Xnview (1.99)  
    (multi-multi language support , Mac/Win/Linux/Solaris/Irix/FreeBSD/etc/etc)
    and it played fine , and in fact had 2 toolbar controls for stepping through
    the frames 1 at a time , forward or back (Neat!) .
     I can see the distinct advantage of APNG if one really needs 24 bit, and in fact
    I have got to try it out . I usually use Anim Gif with some freeware apps though .
     Batch convert .BMP/.TGA/.JPG/etc to .GIF with the free version of Xnview  then just
    drag and drop those frames into Unfreez.exe .
     Great for times when 24/32 bit is not important and when you also want to create a
    smaller more compressed file that any browser and most apps will support .
    Thanks for the upload . Hope this info helps others with animated files to share .
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