Irish fireball - East to West

From: Leo Enright (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2012 - 22:22:25 UTC

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    Multiple experienced observers (including myself) have witnessed what  
    looked like a typical rocket stage re-entry at approximately 21:58 GMT  
    tonight,  September 21.  However,  the train of objects was moving  
    East to West across the sky north of Dublin.
    I saw seven objects -  a brighter lead as bright as the ISS,  followed  
    by others of decreasing magnitude and all slightly yellow/orange in  
    colour,  about 20 deg above the horizon directly due north of Dublin  
    city centre.  They faded rapidly after less than a minute.
    Observers in the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin also report the  
    sighting,  as well as an experienced astronomer in Dundalk - 80 km  
    north of Dublin (no word yet on what direction he was looking).
    Leo Enright
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