Satellite re-entry?

From: David Jordan (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2012 - 22:35:54 UTC

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    I just saw what I think was a satellite re-entry.
    I was driving through a brightly lit street in south Dublin, Ireland at
    about 21:55 UTC on Friday 21st Sept, heading roughly north when I saw what
    I thought at first was some fireworks. Looking closer, I saw a main
    fireball with 3 or 4 smaller fireballs leaving trails. They were moving
    much slower than a meteoric fireball.
    The fireballs broke into smaller fragments and left many dozens of trails.
    They moved from East to West passing through the center of the "bowl" of
    the big dipper (30 deg above horizon?) and curved lower in the horizon as
    they moved. I lost sight of them as they went behind some houses.
    Viewing was poor due to street lights: I could make out the 3 brightest
    stars in the bowl of the big dipper, but had to look carefully to see the
    4th. The fireballs were considerably brighter than any planet so I'm
    guessing mag -3 or -4.
    I observed the event for about 20 - 30 seconds.  From the first time I saw
    them to when they disappeared, I reckon they passed through about 45
    degrees field of view from higher in the east to lower in the west.
    Has anyone else seen anything similar?
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