Re: ST OBS Sept 19, 2012: w/ UNIDs

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2012 - 16:16:50 UTC

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    Thanks for useful info !
    when I want to check/analyze a video I want to use single-stepping
    and/or slow-motion, enhance contrast/brightness and capture stills or
    short sections of the movie.
    Are there any free (or cheap) utilities for some of that ?
    In general, those who use video for satellite observations should
    collaborate to create a web page, or at least a sub-section
    of to describe video production and analysis
    2012/9/22 joseph daniel <>:
    > Hi Bjorn :
    >  Yes , the Wiki mentioned that . In fact it even plays in my version of Opera too , as I just found
    > out . However , being a longtime hobbyist computer animator I've seen many animation & video codecs
    > come and go . Some took years and years to establish themselves and some never even caught on .
    >  I think the point of my mail was to try and suggest to others to just stick with the tried & true if a
    > person is wanting others to view the upload, easily , by simply clicking on a link , instead of having
    > to install new software first .
    >  The freeware method I mentioned above is perfect for short animated clips . For longer video/animated
    > clips there are many other freeware video solutions such as the link below to 'Handbrake' which will not
    > only convert a video into a Flash animation but will even build the web page with the flash video in it ,
    > for you to upload to your server (MS Windows & Mobile only) . 48 other free audio/video softwares also .
    > Hope this helps others with any video conversion tasks they may encounter .
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