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From: Scott Tilley (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2012 - 16:47:40 UTC

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    On 9/22/2012 9:16 AM, Björn Gimle wrote:
    > when I want to check/analyze a video I want to use single-stepping
    > and/or slow-motion, enhance contrast/brightness and capture stills or
    > short sections of the movie.
    > Are there any free (or cheap) utilities for some of that ?
    Hi Björn
    Please have a look at Virtual Dub:
    Before moving onto using Cees' technique this was the package I found 
    most useful for dealing with my observational videos.
    Using Cees' technique which was adapted from Meteor observers, the 
    awkwardly large video is compressed into a four frame FITS file which 
    preserves all of the relevant information found on the video.  As Cees 
    recently observed this four frame can be 'uncompressed' to recreate a 
    video.  However, there is no real need to use video in its native format 
    other than to demonstrate something or present still image sequences to 
    demonstrate something like the recent sequence from China's Compass 
    launch etc.
    Any data that I may post is supported by the raw FITS or PNG images so 
    if a user wishes to perform further analysis I would be pleased to 
    supply them in support of any post made here.
    To view and analyze a FITS image we recommend DS9:
    .PNG images can be viewed by almost anything and Firefox browser does a good job of displaying .APNG animations...
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