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Date: Sun Sep 23 2012 - 00:59:13 UTC

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    > Please have a look at Virtual Dub:
    > Scott Tilley
    Hi Guys :
      Yes , Scott nailed it . Virtual Dub is a dynamic and very capable app . Couldn't live without it . It
    also has a very active community of users and developers more than willing to assist and give of their
    coding and knowledge . What's neat about V-D is that a user installs a basic and very capable S/W but
    if and when the time comes to expand or increase V-D's versatility for specialized tasks , then a trip
    to the Virtual Dub on-line Forum is all that may be required .
      Yes , frame rates can be easily set to a much slower speed . V-D comes with a set of basic Filters that
    can adjust properties such as brightness/contrast/resizing/sharpening/etc also . Typically a user would
    load the captured Video , set the slider for where the Start-Frame & End-Frame should be , choose an
    audio codec (or no audio) , select which filters to run , select a frame rate (or leave as is) , then
    choose which video compression codec (and a reasonable bit-rate) to export the Output Video as , give it
    a name and directory and then ... Export ! . Simple .
      I use Virtual Dub & XnView almost exclusively to the point where I use the 2 together quite often . For
    instance , one might -
    1) Import a video (or series of .BMP/TGA/ETC 24 bit frames)
    2) Select an In-Out point
    3) Choose a Filter & Frame-rate
    4) Choose Uncompressed .AVI as the output format and then run that exported .Avi through Handbrake or
       Free-Video-To-Flash-Converter to get a very highly compressed , high quality Flash video & an HTML page.
    5) Export as a series of frames to be batch converted to .Gif files in XnView (no .Gif export in V-D , 
       although it shows 'Animated .Gif' as an output format in V-D I've never had any success with it) .
    6) Batch convert those V-D exported .BMP/TGA/PNG/JPEG files in XnView to the .GIF format
    7) Drag & Drop those .GIF files into 'Unfreez' , choose a framerate , and Export as an animated .GIF .
    Advanced users might also -
    1) Import a video into V-D
    2) Select an In-Out point
    3) Export as a series of .BMP/TGA/PNG 24 bit images for post processing
    4) Batch process that entire directory of image frames in XnView using any number of advanced Filters
    5) Re-Import that series of post-processed images into V-D
    6) Select a frame-rate and a compression scheme (depending on the final intended distribution)
    7) Add an audio track and select an audio compression codec (or just leave it as is)
    8) Export as an uncompressed .AVI video (to maintain highest possible quality)
    9) Run that video through H.264 MPEG4 freeware encoder to display on large flat screens , resulting in
         a very high quality finished product that is highly compressed , and can be burned to DVD .
     (convert Flash video to an .AVI for editing in V-D)
    Hope this helps others get up to speed with video sharing ,
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