Re: Video of Mentor 2 = what the heck is wrong here

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2012 - 13:30:23 UTC

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    Hi Kevin,
    On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 12:27 PM, Kevin Fetter <> wrote:
    > The time mentor 2 ( 25336 ) was observed to pass by this star feild, was  roughly 2 minutes late, compared to what's predicted by guide.
    Which elsets are you using?
    Mike McCants has Mentor 2 in both classified and the integrated
    elsets. As the name implies the integrated elsets are numerically
    integrated. The numerical integration uses a more sophisticated model
    of the forces working in deep space compared to SGP4 and SDP4 and
    hence they should be more accurate. Mike may correct me on this, but I
    think the integrated elsets are numerically integrated from the
    classified elsets to a recent epoch and converted into a SGP4/SDP4
    elset. So even though the integrated elset has an epoch of 12268.0866,
    the elset is actually 19 days old (the classfd elset has 12249.1388 as
    the epoch).
    The observations from your video are actually about 10s early on the
    integrated elset.
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