Flares Fia Radar r 3 (39475) possible GlobalStar M054 Norad (25885), Flashes IGS O2 (29393)

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2016 15:52:42 +0200
The highlight of my remarks yesterday and today.
Regarding the IGS O2, I've also shot on 2 and 3 September, but although
they look good flashes, being so low to the north horizon, and have some
haze, barely stars are distinguished, so the photos they are worse than
September 1.
Day 3 saw (and photographed very bad) a satellite of magnitude -2 between
Gemini and Auriga. the approximate time was towards 3:17:35 UTC. in
photography, very moved, it is impossible to distinguish the exact
location. However, it is possible that it is GlobalStar M054, it seems to
be the only one going in that direction, further east towards the north (as
most satellites that time).
The bright satellite today, however, if it is clear, and is the Fia Radar r
3 magnitude 0.5. I also took a horrific photo as yesterday, but this time I
was lucky that the Pleiades were near the pass. Then also it turned out to
be the only satellite passerby. Although not very accurate, mirrors are
(63.4º, 179.9º).
3602 36.8390º N, 2.4498º W, 30 m, Almería (Spain).
José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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