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Leo Barhorst

Our observing programme can be found in the 'Recent Observations' section. It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

 bflashing object for beginners

d difficult to measure

S steady object, potentially flashing in the future

? flash period is unknown or uncertain

- long flash period (>40 s)

! top-priority object

regular object

Special Remarks

65098C/01807: some very strange observations    
78089A/06275: scatter in observations           
79030B/11327: beginners object again            
83004A/13777: IRAS, short period acc to LB      
87088A/18421: short period now ?                        
89028B/19922: MM jump, to be checked            
90023B/20528: some obs hp ?                     
92030J/21984: nicely going up                   
94028A/23101: long period ?
95072C/23753: nicely going up
96014B/23815: flashing acc to RE       
96017B/23828: almost S
96024B/23852: new, MSX rocket
96025B/23854: new, Cosmos 2332 r

Top-priority Objects


65008A/01001: no acceleration anymore
84109B/15360: continues to accelerate !
85094G/16144: still going down
87049B/18096: very fast acceleration  
87074G/18340: sudden acceleration ? 
87098B/18586: still going down ?
88053B/19257: accelerated also
89017B/19827: also sudden accelerator!
90078B/20775: short period acc to RE ! 
90111B/21015: period decreasing again ?   
91059B/21667: MM jump, accelerating !
92008B/21876: still accelerating ?
92012B/21903: also accelerating, short period     
92020B/21938: no change
92036B/22007: also short period now !
93036B/22676: accelerated !
94074B/23343: small acceleration, more obs !
95032B/23604: DRAP !
95052B/23677: more obs please !

Observers of April 96

BD:     Bram Dorreman, Achel, Belgium
HK*:    Horst Kohnke
JEV:    Jim Varney, Sacramento, California, USA 
JVS:    Jan Vansteelandt, Gistel, Belgium               
KJ:     Kurt Jonckheere, Ostend, Belgium      
LB:     Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
MPM:    Michael P. Murphy
MR:     Mike Rosseel, Ostend, Belgium
RE:     Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
RK:     Rainer Kracht, Elmshorn, Germany 
TC:     Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
WN:     Walter Nissen, Ohio, USA
WV:     Willy Verhaeghen, Wetteren, Belgium

New observer: Michael P. Murphy or MPM

Total number of observations: 666; mostly due to the large number of "old" obs of the late Horst Kohnke.

Next deadline for sending in observations: June 10, 1996 to Kurt Jonckheere

Bart de Pontieu
Fri May 24 11:30:41 MET DST 1996