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Our observing programme can be found in the 'Recent Observations' section. It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

b        flashing object for beginners
d        difficult to measure
S        steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?        flash period is unknown or uncertain
-        long flash period (>40 s)
!        top-priority object
         regular object

Special Remarks Top Priority Objects

70-106B: b obj but we need more regular obs!  65- 08A: accel., triple maxima
75- 27E: flashes confirmed by BD & KJ         79- 30B: small accelerations
75-105A: Molniya 3-03: flashes seen by DJL    83- 01B: going down or hp ?
77- 79J: to be checked if something happened  84-109B: global decrease
78- 42A: could become extremely bright !      85- 11B: going down ?
79- 50A: to be followed more regulary         85- 41B: accelerating !
82- 55B: deleted because steady               85- 94G: Tsyklon accel.-exceptional
82- 69B: same as above                        85-116B: sudden acc confirmed (LB)
83- 31B: flat maxima                          86- 02J: last obs S
83- 99A: prototype Okean sat, seen fl. by RE  86- 37B: complex accel. curve
83-108B: last observations hp ?               86- 93B: flashing or S ?
85- 23J: still to be followed closely         87- 49B: accelerated (BD, MM, RO)
86- 30B: deleted, steady                      87- 51J: acceleration seen by LB
86- 39B: deleted, steady                      88-102A: short period now ?
86- 86B: deleted, steady                      89- 28B: dtm ?
86-100B: new flasher seen by Willy Verhaeghen 90- 04B: accelerated again (BD)
88- 50A: = Kosmos 1953, discovered by WN      90- 36B: ssm
88- 06A: in distress; nice flashes seen by TC 90-111B: short period (BD)
90- 83B: C1 Kosmos 2100: new, var acc to RO   91- 19B: short period (BD,DC, TC)!
92- 36B: jumped into the programme again      91- 59B: many sm->hp
92- 42G: new, variations seen by RO           92- 08B: going down
94- 57D: deleted because invisible            92- 12B: short period
94- 66B: deleted because S                    92- 20B: probably going down
94- 68B: seen flashing by TC, difficult       92- 38A: ID reversed with 38B ?
94- 74B: to be observed at low elevations     93- 01B: new acceleration
94- 85B: flashing or not flashing?            93- 36B: 5 seconds again ?
94- 86G: S so deleted                         94- 24B: acc and still going down
95- 08B: C1 Kosmos 2306: probably flashing    94- 45B: going down again ?
95- 12B: C1 Kosmos 2310: probably flashing

Observers of March 95

AS: Alex Seidel, Stade, Germany       LB: Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
BD: Bram Dorreman, Achel, Belgium     MM: Mike McCants, Austin, Texas, USA
DC: Dirk Carlens, Hasselt, Belgium    RE: Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
DJL:Daniel Laszlo, Colorado, USA      RK: Rainer Kracht, Elmshorn, Germany
HS: Hermann Schnitzler, Germany       RO: JP Rohart, Wormhout, France
JAR:Jay Respler, New Jersey, USA      TC: Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
JVS:Jan Van Steelandt, Gistel,Belgium WV: Willy Verhaeghen, Wetteren, Belgium
KJ: Kurt Jonckheere, Oostende,Belgium

New observers: Jay Respler (JAR), Hermann Schnitzler (HS) and Daniel Laszlo (DJL).

Total number of observations: 391 !

Next deadline for sending in observations: May 10, 1995

Tristan Cools