Re: Was there a re-entry this morning?

Alan Pickup (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:25:57 +0100

In message <>,
Nick Budd <> writes
>Flying off the eastern U.S. last night, I saw what I guess was a re-entry
>of some sort.
>I say that because it was a little too slow for a meteor and fairly bright,
>peaking at
>about mag -3. Lasted for about 4 seconds,no trail, going east to west-ish,
>of my position, which was 38N 70W. Time was 0118 UTC. Any ideas?

I think that this is unlikely to have been a re-entry. Although my
SatEvo decay list #51 lists the possible re-entry of #25150 (92- 72 E =
Galaxy 7 Ariane deb) on the 5th, there have been no elsets for this
since March 21 and, in any case, its inclination of 7.2 degrees rules
out any chance of its re-entry being seen from 38N. I know of no other
decayers on the 5th.

The duration of 4 seconds is not too long for a bright meteor though it
is rather too short for a decaying satellite. Also, very few satellites
move noticeably "east to west-ish" and this also argues strongly against
the re-entry theory.

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