Re: NOSS 2-3 rocket

Mon, 6 Apr 1998 12:18:00 EDT

Gregory May wrote:

>I tried to observe NOSS 2-3 Rk last night, but had no success.  Has it
>re-entered already?  I was out early, with binoculars, even though I should
>not have needed them.  I have adjusted for our new Daylight Savings Time. 
>Has anyone else seen it lately?

I observed a very nice, bright pass last night here in Michigan.  Not only was
it bright at about mag 2.0, but it moved quite fast across the sky.  I was
impressed enough with my first observation of this satellite that I recorded
it in my logs.  It reached an elevation of about 72 degrees.

Time of pass 21:20:57 EDT

Dan Poeder
Wyoming, Michigan