Tue 7-APR-98 (PDT) flash ob

8 Apr 1998 18:20:45 -0800

Hi All,

Superbird A continues to live up to its name.  I observed it for over six
minutes on Tuesday evening, and timed flashes for a 3-minute, 40-second
contiguous segment.  19 half-periods covered 3 min 40.55 seconds +/- 0.3,
making the half-period 11.608 +/- .016 seconds.  (Full period is then
23.216 +/- .032 seconds).  Peak flashes were between 2nd and 3rd

I started searching for Ed Cannon's GEO flasher (pseudo #98001) at
20:50 PDT (3:50 UTC, 8 April 98) but saw nothing until 21:05.  I then
observed flashes intermittently until 21:10.  The duration between
flashes was always an integer multiple of about 2.5 seconds, though
I rarely saw even 3 consecutive flashes at this rate.  The pattern
seemed to repeat every 4th flash, so the brightest flash was about
every 10 seconds.  I timed 18 flash periods at 45.32 secs with a total
error of perhaps 0.3 seconds.  This gives a period of 2.518 +/- .017 =
Flashes were pretty tough -- occasionally mag 6, but more often 7 or
dimmer.  --Rob