Re: Reported geosynch flasher Gorizont 14 now rising for USA

Fri, 10 Apr 1998 01:27:14 -0400

Jason Hatton wrote:
> Ed Cannon wrote:
> >
> > Gorizont 14 (17969, 87-40A) is another geosynch flasher first.......

> It's more or less due south at the moment for European observers. The
> clouds cleared for about an hour last night, so I had a look for it from
> 20:30 UT to 21:00 UT (8-Apr-98). I used both 10x50 binoculars & a 6"
> telescope but didn't see anything. Maybe the spacecraft is tumbling in
> more than one axes, so it might not flash all the time or the visibility
> of the flash depends on latitude?

I couldn't find it when I looked some time ago.  Mag limit then was 13. 
You obviously have to get it at just the right time to catch the

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