Wed 8-APR-98 (PDT) flash ob

10 Apr 1998 12:07:03 -0800

Hi All,

Was able to time both Superbird A and Ed Cannon's GEO flasher for
longer periods last night (8 April local), and thus get some more =
flash periods.  I timed Superbird for 6 minutes 46.79 seconds +/- 0.3 =
which covered 35 half-periods.  This gives a half-period of 11.623 sec,
+/- .009 sec, and a full period of 23.245 +/- .018 seconds.  Peak flashes
again between 2nd and 3rd magnitude.

I picked up Ed Cannon's GEO flasher at 21:05 PDT (same time as the
previous night) and was able to see flashes intermittently for about five
minutes.  89 flash periods covered 3 minutes 43.61 seconds +/- 0.2
seconds, giving a flash period of 2.512 +/- .002 seconds.  I should point
out that I did not observe every single flash during this period -- some
were below my threshold of about mag 7.5.  Brightest flashes were mag 6.