Re: Satellite preceding Mir

Ron Lee (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:58:53 -0600

I just read that tthey recently installed a new motor or other
system.   The old one was jettisoned.  Perhaps that is what you saw.

Ron Lee

At 12:16 PM 4/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I observed a Mir pass low in the north to northwest tonight
>from 0100 to 0105 UT, 12 April. Magnitude
>was 1.5 at first, then a quick fade to about 3.0 with a
>gradual recovery to about 1.5
>again. Another satellite was tracking in front of Mir by
>about 2-3 degrees for the entire
>pass. It was varying between 5.5 mag and invisibility with a
>period between about 15 and 30
>seconds, with a smooth light curve.
>I found two possible matches, but both would have to have
>been late to fit:
>Mir Debris MP (86 017MP) 3 minutes late to fit
>Globalstar 1 Delta r (98 008E) 1 minute late to fit
>If anyone has or will observe either of these objects, I
>think the variability and magnitude would reveal
>the true identity of the interloper. I'm just curious which
>it is.
>Eric Vondra
>Wampum, PA
>40.8538 N / 80.3292 W (200 m, EDT: UT -4)