Iridium: OC Register front page

Mark Hanning-Lee (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:58:34 -0700

In CA, today's Orange County register has a front page article about
Iridium flares! Source credited: Rob Matson. Graphic: George Turney of
OC Register.

Some text, picture of a satellite & Chris Dorreman's picture of a flare,
map of tonight's pass across the OC sky, flares & predicted magnitudes
for a few OC cities, how to measure angles (1 fist = 10 degrees),
description of magnitude scale. They give URLs and the OC Register at

This is good timing; the orbital planes are filling up so that adds
interest. Here in OC we have the first cloudless skies for a long time &
a fair weekend predicted.

Best, Mark
Mark Hanning-Lee,