Iridium flare alert for SoC

17 Apr 1998 14:23:54 -0800

Iridium 33 is going to put on a nice show tonite in southern California.  =
flare centerline tracks north-to-south down longitude 118.2 W -- a =
populated portion of Los Angeles.  Anyone in the L.A. area with a =
within +/- 0.1 degrees of 118.2 W is going to have a very bright flare, =
in the east at about 8:47:35pm PDT (Friday, 17 April).  Downtown Long
Beach, the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village are right on the centerline,
poised for a -8 magnitude show.  The best location in Orange County will
be the Seal Beach Pier, where the magnitude may still reach -5.  Downtown
L.A. and Glendale are also well-positioned.

The flare occurs close to the star Denebola, about half-way between
Arcturus and Regulus.  Skies are very clear, and the moon will be below
the horizon, offering an excellent astrophoto opportunity.  --Rob